Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi are a brand that New Zealanders have trusted for over 30 years.

In the 90s it was estimated that every third Kiwi home owned a Mitsubishi Electric Black Diamond VCR. Most people will remember owning a ME product whether it was a Black Diamond television or a Cube Microwave. Their commitment to rigorous factory testing and investment in R&D means the quality of the products has continued to be well known. Even as the product line up has evolved from audio visual into heat pumps and other energy efficient products. ME’s commitment to developing superior technologies has ensured we can keep delivering on the trust in the three diamonds.


Currently Mitsubishi Electric’s product line up in New Zealand includes a range of energy efficient products for homes and offices including; heat pumps, fridges, dehumidifiers, solar PV panels, hot water heat pumps, ventilation systems, control solutions, projectors and visual displays.


Superior heat pump technology designed in Japan for New Zealand conditions

Since releasing their first wall-mounted split-system room heat pump, Mitsubishi has been a world leader in heat pump technology.

MSZ_FH_LoungeGreyStaying at the forefront of technology is of utmost importance to Mitsubishi Electric. Their commitment to rigorous factory testing and continuous investment in R&D ensures products are of the highest quality and feature superior technology. New Zealand has industry leading products that perform exceptionally well in our harsh and varied climate. No wonder so many New Zealanders trust and rely on Mitsubishi Electric engineering to keep them warm when it matters most.


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